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Buttermilk Powder

Buttermilk is India’s very own refreshing and healthy yogurt-based drink. Hathi Buttermilk Masala is a blend of selected spices and herbs that together carry a distinct taste. It has multiple health benefits, and it carries the traditional rooted Indian taste. Our blend is distinct because of the intricately designed proportions of our signature recipe that echoes the Indian tradition, and its unsurpassed processing. At last, what one gets is a mix that gives a refreshing and flavourful twist to a staple drink whilst maintaining its original soothing flavour.


Add your desired amount of Hathi Buttermilk Masala to your regular buttermilk - Ideally 1 teaspoon to a 200ml glass – and enjoy a refreshing tasty twist.


Buttermilk helps calm stomach, provides essential vitamins and nutrients, fights constipation, reduces acidity, prevents dehydration, helps in detoxification, is rich in calcium, reduces blood pressure whilst also delivering its famed cooling effect. Also, the spices and herbs used in Hathi Buttermilk Masala are admired in Ayurveda.

Available Pack Size: 25 & 200g

No Artificial Color Added

Ground with Cryogenic Technology

Hygienically packed

Suitable for Vegetarians


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